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Our plant list includes some of the most up-to-date equipment in East Anglia:

•Haas VF8 vertical machine center
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•Bridgeport VMC8 machining center

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Engineer pioneer to retire

February, 2014 Alan Bonnett, FFI’s longstanding General Manager for the engineering team, retires in April after 18 years of diligent service and dedicated contribution to the network.

Alan joined the team in 1996 having worked previously at a local incandescent lamp manufacturers as Chief Engineer. Alan commented: “One of the first challenges I had was bringing the manufacture of components and equipment in-house. This increased our levels of efficiency, improved quality and allowed us to become much more innovative in our approach to serving licensee’s needs. I’d like to think that a manager is only as good as his team and I can confidently say that we’ve come a long way since the mid ‘90’s.”

His first production machine was AF015, a single-head Autofix with no laminator supplied to Sealex in Japan. Since then, Alan has overseen a number of important developments together with the team. This includes the introduction of twin-head machinery, inline die-cutting, control system changes, remote diagnostics, camera control systems and most recently the new generation of Fast Fix equipment.

Alan further commented: “I am lucky enough to have worked with some of the very best colleagues both within the group and across the network. I’ve travelled and worked in some very beautiful places and am grateful to have been made to feel very welcome during visits. I have also made some good friends along the way.” Alan is looking forward to spending time in the garden, playing his music and travelling at leisure with his wife Jacky.

Andrew Denny said: "On behalf of Fix-a-Form International and the licensee network, I would like to personally thank Alan for his 18 years of service and his tremendous commitment and leadership in helping the company succeed. His knowledge and skills will be hard to replace and we hope he will enjoy a very long, pleasurable retirement.”